eZWay News Updates April 2024

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What is happening this April? Well the main event that everyone is talking about is April 11th the MEGA PITCH PARTY

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More on the Mega Pitch Party

Mega Pitch Party revolutionizes professional networking by combining the dynamic engagement of live Zoom events with the connectivity of a dedicated social network, creating a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals converge to share ideas, forge partnerships, and unlock opportunities. Our interactive platform not only facilitates the exchange of business insights but also offers attendees the added excitement of complimentary giveaway incentives, enhancing their experience while fostering a community spirit. With every digital gathering, participants gain valuable exposure, expand their professional circles, and experience the thrill of potential collaboration, all from the comfort and convenience of their chosen environment. Pitch Party is more than an event; it’s a growth catalyst for individuals and enterprises ready to make their mark in a bustling marketplace.

Next up, is the new eZWay Podcast Platform! This is changing the way people are monetizing their microphone. 

The new eZWay Podcast system is now in your eZWay Network backend dashboard and for as little as $99.99 /m you can super boost your podcast, find advertisers, recruit guests, get access to the high quality eZWay members directory and email our members directly. Find larger guests to amplify your podcast. Recently eZWay Network released their new subcribers system. Now our podcast system manages all your subscribers in your backend dashboard, gives you analytics, and allows to blast and notify all your subscribers at once! The new Update feed is a super tool for keeping your guests and advertisers happy! 

More news…. 

eZWay Network has signed up over 172 new members from Jan. – March. 

Did you know that when you create an account on eZWay Network you automatically are given you affiliate dashboard inside you eZWay Network dashboard? Did you know that eZWay pays out 10 and 10 ? What is that? 10% on your direct referral and 10% on your 2nd tier referral. How do you get paid? You click on affiliate, then Earnings then scroll down and enter you paypal email. You will automatically get your payout every month on the 25th of every month. 

More updates getting added soon! 

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