2 Billion Reasons To Use WhatsApp For Networking

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Meta-owned WhatsApp processes about 100 billion messages every day. It’s the most widely used messaging platform in the world and the perfect platform with which to grow your network.

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WhatsApp is global – The world is our oyster


WhatsApp’s popularity spans across continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It is available in multiple languages and serves billions of users worldwide.

In his bestselling book ‘The World is Flat’, Thomas Friedman describes the interconnected world in which we now live as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity. His book refers to the perceptual shift required for countries, companies, and individuals to remain competitive in a global market where historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

This metaphor is particularly apt when networking virtually in WhatsApp groups. I operate more than 500 of them, 84 of which are country-specific groups which I have co-created with trustworthy individuals who are well-connected in their country.


WhatsApp groups are where virtual meets reality

Before the pandemic, everything was real. Then it became virtual. Which has become real – we have gone full circle.

My extraordinary network contains some of the world’s leading thought leaders and entrepreneurs, the ‘crème de la crème’ of LinkedIn, if you will.

Many of them met virtually in my WhatsApp groups during the pandemic and it was very rewarding to witness the sharing of selfies of them meeting in person when it eventually receded.

One of the positives occasioned by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is that it is a shared experience. The word ‘pandemic’ is derived from the Greek pándēmos, “of or belonging to all the people” – we are all in this together.

Are you ready to go global?

Leverage WhatsApp’s global reach and do so – fast!
 Way back in 2018, I published an article called ‘The Wonderful World Of Virtual Networking’ on LinkedIn. Back then people did not take me seriously.
When the pandemic came, however, it became the ONLY way to network, saving us all a ton of time, money and carbon.
But the best part of networking in WhatsApp groups is its globality: WhatsApp works in most countries.

Born in the USA

Only about one in 4 Americans use WhatsApp.

Ironically, the adoption rate in its birthplace the United States of America is sluggish. This being said, an increasing amount of young Americans are starting to use it.

Those Americans who do use WhatsApp typically only use it when they or their friends or family are travelling overseas for free calls and video calls.

For networkers in my WhatsApp groups, this is a BONUS!

You want (Social) proof?

‘Mary Poppins Of The Office’ Debra Blackman joined here on January 8th and has since secured more than a hundred meetings in less than a month.

It all starts with a conversation


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular communications platform.

Since networking in WhatsApp groups is primarily text-driven, group members get to know each other this way and can easily call/video call one another if so inclined. 

Sorry, what did you say?

My hearing is not what it used to be
There’s another reason I prefer networking in WhatsApp groups: when I was younger, I listened to very loud rock music and consequently, I struggle to hear at events that have a lot of ambient noise, which ‘in-person’ networking events usually have in abundance. 
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Net. Working.


If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel with others.

Networking is like opening a bank account: you cannot make a withdrawal until after you have made a deposit. It’s not about you. It’s about them: take an interest in others, and they will reciprocate.
Networking is universal. We are all hard-wired to grow our tribes by engaging in this ubiquitous socio-economic activity.

Some people build buildings, I build Relationships

Because relationships are what life is all about. I am the chariot. And WhatsApp is my horse. 

At the end of the day, business boils down to people and trust. By creating a 500 WhatsApp Group ecosystem where people feel safe to engage with one another, good things happen. Friendships are being forged.

And ultimately that’s what life’s about: relationships. Relationships with our family, friends and fellow human beings in general.

Remember, it takes just one person

… to change the trajectory of your professional life. 

Remember, a stranger is a friend you have not met yet. Given that more than a quarter of the world’s population uses WhatsApp, that’s a lot of friends you could be making.

Make friends first. The business will come later. 

Ready to my amazing network? 

Simply click here

and enter your WhatsApp number and answer some questions concerning your ideal referral.  I will help you craft a killer introduction and invite you to the kind of groups where you are more likely to find the kind of people to help meet your business goals.  Questions?  Hit me up on WhatsApp here

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