Women Owned Small Business Spotlight: Empowering Enterprises and Creative Ventures.

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In our latest episode, we had a fantastic conversation with guests Diana Firefly & Brit Sellers of Scoffer Studios, Roger Lehet, the inventor of the Kimberly wood stove, and the multi-talented Sybil Presley. From discussing groundbreaking projects in the film industry to innovative business ventures, this episode is filled with insights and inspiration.


Empowerment in the Film Industry: Diana Firefly and Brit Sellers are leading the charge at Scoffer Studios, promoting women and minorities in film and challenging industry stereotypes. Their studio hires people with overlooked talents and produces empowering content.

Innovative Small Business: Sonia and Roger Lehet share the success of their female-owned chimney sweep business, emphasizing the importance of professional chimney maintenance and the upcoming Spruce Pine Alien Festival where their band will perform.

Support for Community and Veterans: The episode highlights various charitable initiatives, including Stu’s Harley Helpers program aiding veterans with PTSD and the collaboration with Bikers Against Child Abuse, showcasing the power of community support.

Tune into our latest episode for more inspiring stories and industry insights!


Scoffer Studios Owners Diana Firefly & Brit Sellers, Roger Lehet Inventor & Sybil Presley.s4s28 (youtube.com) 

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