Tina Ramsay Show

Coach Tina is a mother of two amazing children, wife of almost 20 years,and a Homeschool Mom. She has a strong passion for education in Wellness, Business, and Life. She is especially passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and helping children with learning disabilities such as Autism, Adhd, and dyslexia because her child has multiple learning differences including Autism as well. She has a wealth of experience in the Wellness Industry and Coaching Homeschooling Parents and Teachers for almost 10 years to help ease these challenges and provide them with support. Coach Tina loves to support and help others. You will see her active in the community volunteering to help those in need with education, resource, mindset development, and wellness. She started The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast to Spotlight and Introduce you to Stand-Out Amazing Entrepreneurs & Celebrities that are making a positive impact in the world to motivate you, share knowledge, and have upbuilding conversations center around Business, Wellness, and Life. She loves providing a platform for you to share your Business, Purpose, Mission with world, so that people can connect with you. Shes on a personal mission to help 1,000 Entrepreneur reach their goals of success with her collaboration with the eZWay Wall of Fame and her Epic Business Leaders. Coach Tina Ramsay is an official Agent for the eZWay wall of Fame, and now teaching other entrepreneur how to unleash the power of the wall like she has done. Shes a Producer of two TV Shows & The Host of The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast broadcasting to 60 million homes on the eZWay Network, on Roku, Spotify, AppleTV, and AmazonFireTV. She’s the CEO Of Epic Business Leaders & Magazine, Keynote Speaker, Philanthropist, Certified Mindset strategies Coach, and Virtual Social Media Connector. She has three 5-Star recommended Google Blue Star Verified Businesses which includes a Female Wellness business called Heal The Honeypot. She is an #1 Best Selling International Author and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, Several Magazines, Multiple Books, TV Shows, Podcast, Radio, and Social Media. Tina’s Team specializes in teaching & helping entrepreneurs maximize their exposure with cost-effective solutions to build Entrepreneurs’ visibility, credibility, and influence on TV, Social Media, Books, Magazines, podcasts, blogs, and Sponsorships. Come share, shine, and grow on our show! Her team also teaches entrepreneurs how to create their own successful TV & Podcast Shows with monetization. Connect with the team here: tinyurl.com/coachtina1 Website: TheTinaRamsayShow.com Blog: https://wp.me/pcQxI4-5T Email: TheTinaRamsayShow1@gmail.com Social Media: Youtube, Facebook & Instagram: The Tina Ramsay Show Photo Credit: Multifarious Studios

An entrepreneur that created a podcast and live stream tv show on ROKU TV, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV via the eZWay Network

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