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Speaker on Creative Collaboration Summit

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featured project

Impacting The Lives of 1,000 Entrepreneurs

  • Podcast, Broadcasting, EBL, Epic Business Leaders Magazine, The Tina Ramsay Show & International Podcast, Purpose to Duplicate the #Win #Win Effect for Business Owners & Entreprenuers, Epic Business Leaders Network, Positioning, Upbuilding, and Connecting 1K Entreprenuers with Opportunities

We are on a Mission to Impact the Lives of 1000 Entrepreneurs through our Epic Business Leader Community on Facebook. Our Community foundation is based on the CEO Effect which is Community with Connections, Education, and Opportunities.
When the Pandemic Hit it made me realize that it does not even matter how great your products and services are if no one knows that you exist. So we have mastered the art of building influence, creditability, visibility, online, and social media to help you generate leads within our network of influence and online.

In addition, our collaborations with several business provides our Epic Business Leaders with the best products, coaching, opportunities, and resources available to position you to win and accelerate your growth faster. We are proud to be an affiliated partner with the eZWay Wall of Fame and ezWay Network to maximize our clients ability to obtain maximum exposure ,speaking engagement, TV show, Podcasts, and so much more. Join our Community and be Positioned Today!

We love collaborating with other business!

If you would like to join us on this project email us at epicbusinessleaders@gmail.com

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eZWay Wall of Fame Trainer
eZWay Associate Producer
Epic Business Leader B2B Connector
Director & Engineer of TV Shows
Podcast Specialist
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Heal The Honeypot (Female Wellness)

Menstrual Health Instructor and Community Partners with The Girl Scouts of America. Health & Wellness Editorial Writer for ButterCon & The Cover Magazine. We Specialize in Helping & Teaching Females with Painful Periods To Experience A Better Cycle. We Provide We have All Natural Products for Females to support healing the mind, the body, and the honeypot naturally. I am the Founder of HealTheHoneypot.com

International Public Speaker

Accomplished public speaker. My 3 areas of expertise are Business (Advertisement), Wellness (Natural Wellness), and Life (Overcoming Challenges) I share my life the good, and bad moments to shows how Perseverance and Hard Work really does pay off.

TV Show Developer

Hire my team to help your show look go from just an idea to full concept. We create your showbill, show cards to start your TV Show so that it will look right for TV. We even provide TV Training & Engineering of shows for you would like their show all done. Packages vary based upon your wants and needs.


The Tina Ramsay Show provides a variety packages for you to share, shine, and grow. We have Sponsorship, Commercial, Interviews and so much more to help position your y business to a wider audience to connect you with potential business partners and customers. We love promoting brands and sharing your mission and purpose with the World. We also provide Business Advertisement Coaching Services for Individuals and Businesses that need Personal Customized Attention.

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"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit".

Napoleon Hill

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Thank you Tina for your outstanding expertise and training of the EZ Way platform. Tina was very helpful and informative. I received valuable information and instructions on how to succeed with the EZ Way Wall and features. If you have any questions, she is the go to person. Thanks again! I wish you great success!
Tina is AWESOME! She has helped me get plugged in to the EzWay Wall- the easy way!!! By the time we were finished with our 30 minute zoom I had 4 pages of notes! I am so excited that I have a road map that I can implement right away and start seeing results now! Tina is always a joy to talk with. I love watching her shows & learning from her guests amazing ways to improve my life! I highly encourage YOU to connect and get to know Tina!
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March 16, 2021
Absolutely amazing connector with a heart and passion for seeing her clients succeed. Absolutely recommend Tina as she is a beacon of light in a cloudy industry!
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About me

Coach Tina Ramsay-- Founder of Epic Business Leaders

eZWay Wall of Fame Leader Trainer, Podcast Specialist, VCM Coach

eZWay Wall of Fame Leader Trainer

Coach Tina Ramsay is a Thought Leader, Promoter of Brands, spokesperson, media visibility influencer,  Homeschooling Mom of two children, wife of almost 20 years and relies on her Strong Faith and Relationship with God to Direct her steps.

Coach Tina is an international public speaker that has almost 10 years of streaming experience which includes a combination of TV, Social Media, Podcasting, and Youtube. Tina has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in front of the camera and behind it. She’s the Executive Producer and Host of The Tina Ramsay Show a successful sought out IMDb accredited  TV Show and Podcast. Coach Tina is also an Official eZway Wall of Fame Lead Trainer,  eZWay Associate TV Producer, eZWay Magazine Columnist, and  EZWay Wall of Fame Blogger.

Coach Tina is The Founder of 3 Google Blue Star Verified Businesses which are: Epic Business Leaders, HealTheHoneypot.com, and The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast. Her Podcast is International in 15 Countries and is on 14 Platforms. Her TV Show is broadcasting to 70 Million Homes on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV powered by the eZWay Network on  Epic Business Leaders TV (EBLTV) on the eZWay Network.

Coach Tina is the interviewer of Entrepreneurs and Celebrities from all over the world focusing on Business, Wellness, and Life. In addition, she received various honors and has been featured in several magazines and books including being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, as well as being featured on the #63 Grammys Billboard.

Coach Tina is a 2X Best-Selling International Author. Tina uses her platform & Influence to Build up others and Spotlight amazing Entrepreneurs & Celebrities that are making a Positive Impact in the World by them just sharing their story.

In addition, she has 10 years of Coaching experience as a VCM Certified Coach that focuses on Visibility, Connections, and Monetization.  Her Faith, Love for God, and the community is her Motivation. She uses her influence to create opportunities for others through several partnerships and collaborations with major movers and shakers in the industry.


What Coach Tina Believes!

Coach Tina believes that True elevation does not come from you elevating yourself but how you use your gifts and influence to elevate others. She is a firm believer in the #WinWinEffect and that their is room for everyone at the the table if you are willing to work. Her Company is on a mission to position and connect 1,000 Entrepreneur for 2021 with their 3 Tier Initiative of the CEO effect which are: Community, Education, and Opportunities.

She trains Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on how to duplicate her teams system of success. She is the Creator of “Learn How to Start a Podcast and Monetize It Class. She Teach & Coach you on how to start your own tv show, podcast, and provides Epic Business Leaders entrepreneurial services, legal services, all to  maximize your exposure, visibility, generate leads, create multiple streams of income, build community, collaborate and networking to build your influence with her Epic Business Leaders Community and the eZWay Wall of Fame. Both Communities are designed for everyone involved to win by just being your authentic self and sharing your voice, purpose, and others with the world using the Power of Broadcasting and your God given Gift for good!


Connect with Coach Tina Ramsay and be a Featured Guest on The Tina Ramsay Show:


Come Share, Shine, and Grow on our Show!

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