Interview with Jeffrey Levine

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1. Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?

I am a tax attorney and certified financial planner.  I have almost 35 years of experience helping individuals and businesses  achieve their financial goals.  My core focus is early retirement, financial independence, selling a business, and overall achieving personal dreams.  I am from New York and moved to Arizona ten years ago to enjoy the sunshine with my family.

2. How are you dealing with this CoronaVirus pandemic?

I am using the time to study, network, and learn.  I partake in seminars, podcasts, and zoom meetings daily which are often offered at little cost as everyone is sheltering in place or working from home.  While this pandemic is a tragedy and heartbreak for so many, it has provided a unique opportunity to enhance my knowledge base.

3. Have you transitioned your business to digital? If yes how?

I am in the process of transitioning my business to digital automation.  I use consultants who have helped me during this crisis and have found so many colleagues willing to share their expertise on this platform.

4. How are you enjoying being on the eZWay Wall of Fame how has it helped you?

I am a new member and am most excited about the opportunity to connect with other Wall of Famers.

5. What do you like best about the eZWay Wall of Fame?

The network you offer me is enriching and suppportive.   I am thrilled to be connected to so many knowledgeable and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs.

6. What is happening for you or your business in 2020-2021?

This year will be a challenge but I have made a lot of new connections that will be of great assistance while I revamp my business goals.  My objective is to secure more prospects and help them meet their financial goals.

7. What advice do you have for our other Wall of Fame members and visitors?

I encourage everyone to connect and engage with other members.  It is a great community with an array of special benefits.   Members and visitors should take advantage of all the perks the Wall of Fame has to offer.

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