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Jeffrey Levine - The Wealth Builder

Tax Strategist, Business Consultant, Financial Expert, Executive Producer

As a tax strategist, author, and wealth builder, I've given over 500 speeches to audiences across the nation, and am frequently featured on radio, TV, and podcast outlets. I was also featured in, and the executive producer of, Beyond the Secret: The Awakening and I've been a featured expert in 4 other documentaries.

As a business consultant and tax strategist, I pride myself on the amount of care I put into each and every company I work with, and the results we receive by following a consistent plan of growth in all aspects. I believe that money is only important when you don’t have it, so I strive to make the mission more important than the money so that the mission becomes the empowering force behind the company’s financial growth and ultimate success.

My definitive purpose is to grow sustainable startup and existing businesses into entities that last for generations while experiencing constant and exponential growth with their preferred products and services. Using my book, Consistent Profitable Growth Map, business owners can also prepare for a profitable exit.


"Jeff spoke at our business networking group...and is a knowledgeable and a wonderful speaker.  Everyone in the group enjoyed the information.  We all felt that we had tips in hand to make for a profitable and productive year.  Jeff is welcome back anytime."

-Florence Bruemmer, Law Office of Florence M. Bruemmer, P.C.




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Jeffrey Levine

Balance 1,571 / eZWay Cash



Now accepting interview requests for the soon-to-be-released JLSTV Show.

Business Consulting

32 years helping 100's of clients make better business decisions resulting in a strong financial return.

Tax Strategist

Creating financial management plans and assisting clients in saving money on their taxes BEFORE April 15th roles around each year.


Tax Strategist
Financial Consultant
Film Maker

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