eZWayLiveEvents.Com Presents the Golden Promoter Award for June 2020 Top eZWay Wall of Fame Promoters

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Mission Viejo, California June 5, 2020eZWay Promotions in conjunction with the eZWay family is presenting with the prestigious Golden Promoter Award on June 30, 2020 for outstanding Promoter. The chosen individuals who win this highly coveted prize will compete with over 120 other influential nominees from the celebrated eZWay Wall of Fame.

The Golden Promoter Awards Ceremony will become a tradition within the eZWay Wall of Fame as a membership perk that cross promotes the eZWay family through digital marketing efforts of social media integrations. The judging and ceremony will be streamed simultaneously in real time via eZWayLiveEvents.com, eZWay.TV and all other associated platforms to exponentially increase the eZWay Wall of Fame viewership through active participation from members’ respective networks.

eZWay Network’s eZWay Wall of Fame hosts and curates some of the most prolific entrepreneurs, artists, speakers, and legends to its global fan following. Winners of the Golden Promoter award will be judged via various analytic methods in the categories of Team Participation, Viewership, and Speaker / Fan Engagement.

Earn over $10,000 Digital Marketing campaign for your winning efforts!!!

The eZWay Wall of Famers who earn this award will additionally earn more than $10,000 of digital marketing benefits for their brand, product, or service.  This year’s winners will ultimately be the ‘influencers‘ who propel this ceremony as the 1st VIP group to earn the award thereby creating much more opportunity for integrated promotions and future events of this caliber hosted by the eZWay Network, eZWay Broadcasting, and eZWay TV.

‘If you aren’t doing things the eZWay, then why are you doing it?

To join the eZWay Wall of Fame, to enjoy the perks of membership, as well as become a nominee for the Golden Promoter Award, ClICK HERE


Golden Promoter Award
eZWay Wall of Fame Golden Promoter Ceremony

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