Eric Zuley Book Launch

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If you didn’t know, now you know. Yes it’s TRUE Eric Zuley is releasing his first book called “The Influence Effect”.

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Eric Zuley’s first book “The Influence Effect” is published by New Life Clarity Publishing,, and will be launching via our virtual event with a curated selection of contributing authors per chapter discussing how we cultivate the INFLUENCE EFFECT. Pre-registration for the book can be found at until June 24th.

Eric Zuley has been implementing the Influence Effect around distinguished brands for over 15 years with an extremely successful track record. Eric has helped well over 250 individuals, events, and brands grow to the next level by creating an automated self-sustainable business. The book outlines the stories of many of the influencers he has met and how he turned those connections into relationship equity for all parties involved.

Contributing authors include: Sharon Lechter, Frank Shankwitz, Trae Ireland, Josh Liske, John Highland, Billy Moore, Nay Nay Kirby, Jeffrey Levine, Hanna Horenstein, Leila Colgan, Shea Vaughn, Brian Smith, Kate Linder, Robert Clancy, Kelly Bennett, Gerald L. Kane, Theresa Ashby, James Dentley, Annie Mcknight, Holly Porter, Dannella Burnnette, James Zuley, Denise Millett Buirkhardt, Dr. Dante Sears, Heide Har, Carmelita Pittman, Sean Stewart, Sophia Alverez, Leisa Reid and more…

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