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Feb. 5th our client Jason Spann had a very successful first-time event launch of his new company Xspannsion Group. The event was held at Universal Bar and Grill in North Hollywood and their stage was utilized to shoot the new TV Show Rhythm and Business created by Jason Spann. The event was co-produced by Paul Maselli who helped acquire the venue and music artists and Multimedia Mogul and event consultant Eric Zuley.
This event had about a 100 person turnout and people could not wait to get their exposure on the Xspannsion Gold Carpet powered by EZWay Broadcasting and EZWAY PROMOTIONS
The food was very tasty the drinks quenched everyone’s thirst and the entertainment provided by Paul Maselli and eZWay Promotions was entertaining! Overall after our research, all the attendees and Ezway Family gave this event 2 thumbs up! Jason Spann is really onto something with this vision of helping to excel artists and businesses situations through is speed branding concept.
Follow this event and many more to come on the Xspannsion Facebook Group by texting J1 to 55678
Special guests included Ezway Family members Paid ad specialist Freddie Volante, Celebrity Drummer Paul Maselli, Rayster Michaels which we need to thank for bringing out his Dream Cinema supporters!  Johnny Venokur which kept everyone laughing, The Confidence Catalyst Cat Oshman Founder of the Family Film Awards started with Dick Clark Dr. Olympia Gellini who flew out from New York to be there the night before with hour’s notice! Actor and filmmaker Al Burke, Will Perfect, and his The Perfect Zone Tribe. Actor Elijah Green Kymberli Boynton who helps you to up your social media game #SelfieExperienceTemecula, Filmmaker and actor Mba Shakoor and so many more! Thank you to all of you out there in digital land that supported Xspannsion and eZWay on social media and shared.
Thank you for the media coverage by Maurice Dwayne Smith Galina Capanni Melody Jensen, Matt J. Doyle with Tap Interviews In house eZWay Photographer Doug Ferguson, Rosalyn Kahn with KXLA channel 44 Chow Entertainment and a big extra special thank you to the production crew that came out eZWay Network associated partner Derrick Hutchinson Annerrick Management.
Thank you to the CEO of Urban Nation Paula C for supporting us with Universal and Sony Music
This event supported Solve World Hunger and Anti Bullying
If you helped this event or attended and we didn’t mention you and you would like to be mentioned please let us know!
KEEP YOUR EYE ON Jason Spann and his new Streaming TV Channel Xspannsion TV. We will keep you all in the loop of the next Xspannsion Event.
If you would like to find your interviews from this event contact or text interview to 55678
and as always if you would like to follow up on the networking you can join our create your free account today or login and network your way to success the #eZWay
Be sure to catch the recap of this event on EZWay Radio Monday 07 2022 on our Radio Boomers Live podcast show
And subscribe to watch the Rhythm and Business TV Show on Xspannsion TV by texting J1 to 55678 or if you are international you can email us at
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