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Coach Of The Year

In recognition of one’s extraordinary ability to inspire, teach and build self confidence to those they mentor. They have successfully entered into and now stand out in their field and have gained the respect and admiration of not only those they coach but that of their peers.

Event Producer Of The Year

In recognition of one’s successful history in the field of event production. To have successfully orchestrated and perfected their craft to be widely recognized and sought after in the field of event production

Businessman Of The Year

In recognition of having an ability that creates successful business ventures which gain recognition and the respect of others. To have the ability to create formulas and strategies that make them stand out in business.

Online Superhero Of The Year

In recognition of one’s exemplary abilities to preform online tasks that are cutting edge and require highly skilled engagements. They possess and execute various programming that can greatly assist an individual or a business through not only difficult times but their abilities to expand.

eZWayFam Of The Year

In recognition of one’s loyalty and involvement in the EZWayFam. A much appreciated individual that has proven through their actions to be not only a strong supporter but a truly caring individual that is admired and respected by their peers.

eZWay Team Member of The Year

In recognition of an individual that displays a true camaraderie with their peers along with being a team player. A team member that stands out and goes the extra mile to help in any way they can.

Influencer Of The Year

In recognition of someone that can change the direction of another by bringing them to a successful path. To have the ability to impact others on a wide scale and create a need to succeed.

Health Professional Of The Year

In recognition of ones abilities in the field of health and wellness to have stood out and be recognized by many in the health field along with those requiring medical treatment. A truly devoted health professional that stands out and is greatly admired and respected for their hard work and sacrifices.

Performer Of The Year

The eZWay Wall of Fame Performer of the year award looks for excellence in presentation and show the ability to touch the hearts of those that are watching and creates a positive viral effect

Master Connector Of The Year

In recognition of someone that has exceptional interpersonal communication skills. They have also shown themselves to be highly proficient at the art of bringing people together developing in many cases successful business ventures.

TV Producer Of The Year

In recognition of one that excels and is recognized in the field of television production. One who has been held in esteem by others in his field and has proven to be a highly sought after Producer.

Businesswoman Of The Year

In recognition of an exceptional woman of achievement in the business arena. An individual that has been recognized for her successful engagements in various business transactions and an inspiration to those around her.

Rising Star Award

In recognition of the resilience and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s goals and dreams.An individual that has the determination and drive to reach for the stairs and becomes an inspiration to those who seek to attain a high level of success.

Podcaster Of The Year

In recognition of one’s ability to master and stand out in the art on online broadcasting. To have the ability to create broadcasting that has a wide variety of interesting content viewed by a high number of listeners.

Speaker Of The Year

In recognition of one who has proven to be an influential and sought after individual in the speakers world. They have created unique and effective strategies to enhance the success of their audience.

Youth Success Leader of The Year

In recognition of one’s ability to successfully mentor and guide today’s youth. To stand out in the relentless pursuit of the betterment and success of those they work with.

Video Of The Year Award

In recognition of the production of a video that has gained momentum in creating notoriety.

Gail Gibson MIMPA Award

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Golden Handshake Award

In recognition of one’s skills in networking and having the ability to create an environment of unity. An individual that excels in the art of introduction and communication skills.

Power Couple Of The Year

In recognition of two people that have shown themselves to be an inspiration to others. Through their numerous accomplishments anlong with the unity and respect they have for each other, they are a true power couple.

FilmMaler of the Year

In recognition of one’s ability to create exceptional footage that has had notable reviews. Has been shown to be someone that has perfected their craft and has the support and admiration of those behind the scenes and in the audience.