Which Microphone Works Best for Public Speakers?

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I used to host in-person events before the pandemic changed my direction. Since the doors opened, I have been speaking at in-person events, and my last experience was challenging because the hotel only had a handheld mike.

Lavalier, wireless headset systems, or handheld microphones are essential to ensure everyone can hear without straining, and the speaker does not need to shout. Most speakers prefer to be able to move around while presenting and avoid being stuck behind a podium.

I use my entire body when speaking, and a podium does not work for me. At one event, I had my wireless headset system, and the night before the event, the AV manager of the hotel set me up, and I was ready to rock and roll.

Unfortunately, the AV Manager was off the day of the event, and the other team still needed to learn what he did the night before, so I found myself speaking more loudly. I was restricted when I used the handheld mike during my presentation.

Hand gestures and specific movements give your message energy and make it more impactful. If you are like me, you put your entire body into the message you want to convey. Remember, speaking entails a bit of acting too.

Times have changed, and I recommend that all event planners add a wireless headphone system to their toolkits.

Lastly, please ensure the hotel system is current because the acoustics can affect your delivery, regardless of your method.

Hotels save money by holding on to the old systems. Times have changed, and we benefit more when we change with time.


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