The Undeniable Power of the Stage through Podcasting—Your Ticket to: \\

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Are you ready? Your voice gets heard and travels around the globe igniting listeners with the powerful, impactful and applicable message you deliver. Your transformative talk will provide our listeners with tools that build more confidence, trust and belief in themselves, and with the hope and reassurance that “they are more than enough.

 With the advancement in technology stages come in all forms, sizes and shapes resulting in gaining vast exposure globally. Collaborating with our expert guests, we will open even more doors to limitless opportunities leading to greater exposure to help you reach your ideal audience through delivering effective solutions. As the expert in your field, credibility builds, testimonials result, the value delivered increases, leading the way to financial compensation.

Beyond the Stage is more than a Podcast. It’s a communication tool that brings easy to apply and proven systems to your most pressing life or business challenges. These experts work with you, at your pace, keeping you focused on the desired outcome of your dreams. 

A major transformation in my life happened in 2003, when I read the book “A Spiritual Solution for Every Problem”, written by Wayne Dyer. It spoke volumes into my life. 50 years in holistic medicine and energy healing, changing lives, teaching workshops, seminars and retreats taught me the importance of the stage. The stage allows me to deliver life altering messages and programs that transform lives, build stronger happier relationships, implement easy, simple programs for better health and proven systems to build profitable businesses. This was my dream come true.  

Beyond The Stage is starting a Revolution. We are leading the way to more stages, more exposure, more solutions by building immersive  platforms that connect the world in an elegant, efficient, easy-to-use, results-driven, fun and adventurous way inside the amazing world of the avatar. 

This is my personal invitation for you to go Beyond your wildest imagination. Contact me today for your personal walk in virtual reality, where the future of education and business will thrive. 

Our listeners are very important to us and we value your opinions. To better serve you please subscribe, engage, and share Beyond the Stage to friends, family and social media. 

We want your feedback and suggestions:

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Together we become a community that fosters a healthier, happier, and friendlier world.

Is this YOU? Email: [email protected] or call and leave a message: 702-527-3191

Beverly Zeimet, Podcast Host & Queen of the Metaverse

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