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Spotlight on Special Honoree Influencer of The Year  Nominee Shyla Day, who is competing for top honors from amongst many notable performers and industry professionals, at  EZWay Gala Award and Interactive App event, December 9-10, 2022.

Shyla Day’s  award-winning singer/songwriter portfolio is quite  diversified having won, according to her IMDb bio, four fan choice nominations, and amassing millions of fans, while crossing over to many different cultures, music types, amidst fantastic viewership from among venues such as radio, television, social media, internet and more.

She’s a best selling author and successful TEDx platform personality with millions of followers. Her “Music for Global Impact”, platform was such a success on the humanitarian circuit that she won the “International Humanitarian of the Year” at the Fire Awards. She also won, as she worked to assist others during the Pandemic, the “She Inspires Me Awards” in 2020. Her philanthropic work is widely appreciated internationally and according to her IMDb page, Shyla was not only a celebrity ambassador for PFOHF in Uganda, but also, awarded a Claes Nobel Award of the Nobel Prize Family, for Academic Achievement and the pursuit of excellence