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Now that everyone is finding themselves online, the space is inundated with people and businesses competing for survival. While I don’t buy into a scarcity mentality, I am aware that your ideal clients will now have MORE choices and options than ever when shopping online for your products or services.

And I also know that a brick and mortar business is VERY different than online. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING online because we lose the intimacy of the personal connection.

It is, therefore, imperative that any time you show up online, either live, or on a recorded video, you stand out from the crowd (in a good way), and that you are seen as the credible expert that you are.

In the “Shine Online” Program you will learn how to:

– Identify the BEST colors for YOU to wear on camera so you can show up at your most authentic, and make more sales (they are not the same for everyone)
– What types of prints work well for you and which don’t
– What is flattering on YOUR shape on camera and what isn’t
– You will learn what make-up to wear, how to apply it, and what make-up to AVOID on camera
– You will discover some pro hair tips to have fabulous hair on camera (no matter what type of hair you have)
– You will learn how to choose the best background for you
– You will discover what makes YOU truly SHINE ONLINE, so you can stand out from the crowd
– Pre-shoot exercises to make you most magnetic to your ideal clients

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Module #1
Identify which type of light you are sourcing from (the light you source from determines the quality of the colors and design elements which are best for you). You’ll discover aspects of your personality, and your “it factor” when it comes to shining online. Everyone is different and when you align with your inner light/ inner essence and mirror its qualities on the outside, you are SEEN on a whole new level.
Module #2
Discover the enchanting influence of color and of YOUR personal color palette. Learn how to use color to establish a deeper connection with your ideal clients instantly, be more persuasive, powerful and make more sales.
Module #3
Learn the spell-binding style elements which will leave you looking fantastic, and your audience mesmerized. It’s all about alignment.  Learn how to “mirror” your sacred geometry so you can feel great in your clothes and be seen as trustworthy, compelling and an expert in your field. What shapes of tops, dresses, blouses, jackets are best for you? What are your best necklines? You’ll learn all of that in this module.
Module #4
Make peace with accessorizing! Learn what type of accessories are best for you. How large should they be? What shape should they be? What metals or gemstones are best for you? How many can you wear at a time? Rewrite your Shopping Story – When they first come to work with me, most of my clients dislike or even HATE shopping for clothes and accessories and even make-up. After our work together, they now enjoy, and even LOVE shopping. Yes, it’s possible. In this module I’ll show you how to transform your relationship with shopping and be successful. I’ll give you my best tips and hacks AND I’ll also teach how to find designer items at a discount.
Module #5
How to get ready for “Show time”. From your wardrobe to your hair to your make-up, to your tech, to the pre-video exercises I recommend, we’ll put it all together. You’ll LOVE this module!!! It will teach you how to truly shine online.

You will receive a list of my favorite beauty and make-up products, the ones I SWEAR by and couldn’t live without!

Discover the equipment you need (audio and video) in order to truly shine online (even when you are traveling). I’ll share with you my list of essentials, so you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

Learn the little known zoom settings I share with all the guests for one of my TV shows. For awesome sound quality online you want to turn on or off these settings (hint: failure to do this could literally ruin an entire interview, don’t ask me how I know!). 😉

I will be running this course live starting on Wednesday June 10th, 2020 and each module will be released live weekly for 5 weeks consecutively. The live modules (60 minutes + Q+A) will be recorded in case you can’t make them live.

I will also create a WhatsApp Group so we can stay connected as a community and you can ask questions and share resources with each other.

Sign-up now for this exclusive offer for eZWay Wall of Fame members (the investment for this program is $997) but I am making it available to you for only $497

I look forward to supporting you to SHINE ONLINE!!!