After working for a Fortune 500 company for 25 years, Renee decided it was time to step off the corporate ladder and put on her running shoes. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, her east coast grit resonated with audiences, especially audiences seeking to improve their lives and their careers.

Renee has cultivated and inspired both teams and individuals for over a decade. You can’t miss her energy when she enters a room. She began speaking at WHW, a non-profit organization, where she donated her time helping unemployed people find and maintain jobs. She and her team have won many first-place awards over the years. Her years spent working in retail taught her that in order to move the bar and increase profit, you must first invest in people.

A motivational speaker, transformational coach and influencer, Renee loves connecting with female entrepreneurs seeking to gain more confidence. She is committed to helping businesswomen become the leaders they were born to be.