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NEW Text Alerts on eZWay Wall Posts

Your posts are more powerful than ever before.

Now when you submit a post for distribution on the eZWay Wall of Fame, your post will be pushed out to the entire eZWay family.

What does this mean for you? Normally, when you post to any blog site it sits there until others see it or link to it and push it out on other platforms. Now, when you submit your post to the eZWay Wall of Fame, your post will be pushed out to every cell phone in our entire group.

You will have to send it in to our eZWay Wall of Fame administrators for approval but think of the power this puts behind your major announcements.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of a texting system like this and how to power your brand to get in front of your audience and prospects, check out EZTEXT today and start capturing leads automatically.

Better yet… Try it out right now. Simply text EZTEXT to 55678 and see how others are using our text lead capture system.

To Your Success!

-Doug Walz
Founder, Text Me Leads

p.s.  Feel free to ask questions here on this post.


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