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  • Receive 20% off all eZWay and affiliate services 
  • Receive everything in event plan
  • Your wall of fame profile ranked on search engines when people search your name (Must be same as your profile) 
  • Receive general members badge
  • Receive your own solo members flyer 
  • We will promote your profile and get you more views
  • Your wall profile shared and promoted on our eZWay Wall FB group 
  • eZWay Coins/Points requests
  • Connect with other wall of famers and Unlock request/Accept friendship feature
  • Access to most of our private groups - On Facebook and eZWay Wall
  • Directly message other wall of fame members
  • Receive our hands on done for you service and help
  • We will update your profile for you 2 times per month
  • Get assigned an agent to help you
  • Receive solo flyer with Gold Badge and Celebrity badge after graduating our influencer training
  • Receive verified check mark on your account 
  • Get Celebrity Influencer status on the wall after graduating our influencer training 
  • Get introductions to other quality wall of famers on the phone
  • We will help you get guests for your podcast or media platform
  • Get interviewed on our ewof live page and then blogged on our main blog wall (Redeem your eZWay Points) 
  • 24 hour email support 
  • Direct Phone support 
  • Direct Zoom training and support (2 requests per month)
  • Half or Full page ad in eZWay Magazine (350 points) for full
  • Access to group page viewing
  • Single group viewing
  • Joining Groups
  • Create your own group
  • Private access to the wall of fame chat group with all wall of famers on Facebook
  • Get added to all of our top level private chat groups 
  • Interviews on ezwaytv shows (1 request per month or redeem your points) 
  • Interviews on ezway wall of fame blog (Per request) 1 request per month)
  • We will submit you to be on our other shows and affiliates platforms 
  • Live stream interviews on multiple platforms FB, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, ROKU, APPLETV, AMAZON
  • Speaking spots on our virtual stages (2 min stage time)
  • Access to every tool on the wall of fame
  • Editor privileges to post on eZWay Magazine website (Per approval)
  • Receive vip access and ability to give 1 min of stage to someone else to speak on our stage

The price for membership is $0.00 now and then $349.99 per Month.

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