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Wendy Weber

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Wendy Weber is a remarkable individual whose life is a vibrant melody of resilience and empowerment. With over five decades of experience as a parrot owner, Wendy's spirit resonates with the colorful personalities of her feathered companions. As an energy healing practitioner, she channels her vibrant energy to transform lives and create a harmonious balance of well-being.
A founder of the Sharing Down Syndrome Parent Support Group in Phoenix in 1983, Wendy's commitment to building a supportive community shines brightly. Her role as an editor for the "Sharing" newsletter for a decade demonstrates her dedication to amplifying voices and fostering connection.
Wendy's journey as a longtime singer-songwriter and lyricist adds another layer to her rich tapestry. Her expertise in crafting parodies and original songs for individuals, organizations, and events infuses joy and creativity into every note. Her deep-rooted passion for music resonates with her love for singing in choir, weaving harmonies that echo the spirit of unity.
With a heart that embraces life's challenges and a spirit that empowers those around her, Wendy's presence is a powerful reminder that our unique melodies can inspire, uplift, and bring change to the world.

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Songwriting, Energy Healing

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Hi level Energy Mastery Energy Healing, Writing customized original songs

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