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From playing classical piano to his love of animals, science, technology, aviation, and space, Daniel Sternklar combines many interests, philosophies, and talents as he travels through his life’s journey, with his primary focus being to appreciate and help others. Mr. Daniel Sternklar is an entrepreneur, software developer, workflow analyst, database designer/programmer, web community builder, data visualization specialist, digital artist, interactive multimedia developer, videographer, animator, virtual set creator, director, producer, musician, composer, stereoscopic multimedia & virtual reality pioneer, and business growth facilitator with over four decades of experience. His family of companies from Clear Star International, Clear Star Publications, The Clear Star Effect,, and others care for and serve their clients. For over 41 years, Mr. Sternklar has impressed clients with the depth, breadth, creativity, and quickness of response to their needs. This experience gives Daniel Sternklar the ability and background to choose the right tools for the job, work with teams of different disciplines, manage geographically dispersed personnel, and communicate with technical, artistic, and business-oriented persons. Whether working with mixed reality technologies or multi-dimensional databases, Daniel Sternklar knows how to apply the newest technologies practically to benefit your business. Clients, from solopreneurs to enterprise-level companies, have hired him to grow their businesses. is the perfect solution for businesses struggling with publicity, leads, growth, and direction. Our company,, has been called the results-driven Creative Business Growth Facilitator for over 41 years by our clients. We specialize in developing and implementing innovative technologies and strategies to boost revenue and expand market share. Among our proudest achievements is saving many companies from closing during Covid. We helped keep businesses open with our unique lead generation and engaging custom technologies and facilitated their growth during a difficult time in our history. Our technologies include personalized interactive dynamic video, interactive video pathways, custom lead generation funnels, social media content creation and campaigns, AI applications, advanced SMS marketing, intelligent agents, and virtual/mixed reality technologies. We serve, care, and inspire our clients; when we take action, your business gets traction! We get you known, found, and paid is your results-driven creative business growth facilitator.

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