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Rayster Michaels Quiroga

CEO / Producer / Actor / Director / Singer / Dream Cinema Productions LLC. International

Rayster Michaels Quiroga has been an actor since childhood. Started with theater plays on Broadway, then moved to theaters in the west cost. After many years of acting on stage, Ray Started his career on Television shows & soap operas. Then quickly got into motion pictures as a actor.

Rayster is now a well recognized actor / Director / producer of theatrical films and the CEO of the film corporation Dream Cinema Productions. Ray’s films as an actor / producer are out on Netflix currently: Mansion of Blood, with Gary Busey & Robert Picardo. Everyday Miracles with Gary Cole & Zoe Perry. Unknowns with Alex Gatorno. The Extra with Tyrone Power Jr & John Saxon.

Rayster new film coming out soon is Night Mistress, which will also be a video game. Ray is currently working on multiple new films on the slate, set for pre production soon.



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February 7, 2022
Great friend, influencer and all around professional man! Very personable and knowledgeable and always supports his friends and business network!


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