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Omar Periu

Award Winning Business Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

From earning $147 a month to a multi-millionaire by age 31 - it may seem hard to believe, but
that is the true rags to riches story of Omar Periu.
Omar and his family fled Castro's regime when he was only seven years old. They arrived in Miami
with no money, no family or friends and nothing but the clothes on their backs. Not knowing
enough about success, Omar sought out the masters and observed the differences between top
achievers and those barely making it. From there, Omar developed his Zero to Wealth SystemsTM,
The Investigative Selling PrinciplesTM, The One Minute Meeting Effective Presentation SystemTM
and From Management to LeadershipTM.
By the time Omar turned 31, he owned sports medicine facilities as well as real estate
throughout the U.S. From his modest beginnings as a salesperson, he discovered how to master
presentations and sophisticated closings. He is now teaching these unique systems to
corporations and individuals worldwide.
Omar is referred to as the "Master Motivational Teacher." He's a world-traveled speaker who has
spent over a decade educating entrepreneurs and leaders world-wide. Omar has delivered more
than 5,000 seminars and training programs. He has trained more than five million people in
today’s Fortune 500 companies. A featured speaker at events with Zig Ziglar, General Colin
Powell, Larry Bird, Terry Bradshaw, Larry King, Tony Robbins, Don Shula, Lou Holtz; Omar has
been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association and is a member of
National Speakers Association.
His articles are published in Success Magazine, Sales and Management Magazine, Selling Power
Magazine, Martial Arts Success Magazine and more. He is a successful author with bestselling
books including The One Minute MeetingTM, From Management to LeadershipTM, Get Real Get
RichTM and the top book in sales, Investigative SellingTM. Omar has been featured in three
Chicken Soup For The SoulTM books. He has been presented with the Business Man of the Year
award for the state of Florida, by the Florida Business Advisory Council and Hall of Fame
Speaker of the Year. He is on the Board of Directors to Wayne Huizenga's School of
Entrepreneurs at Nova Southeastern University.

Omar helps businesses, as well as individuals, to overcome failure, face fears, kick counter-
productive habits and become calculated risk-takers. He asks you to THINK about where you are

now, where you WANT to be, and HOW to get there as quickly as possible. Omar helps people
build a better self, team, and company with a fresh take on age-old solutions.



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