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Nathanie THE FAF


“If you really want to live your life to the fullest and realize your greatest potential,
you must be willing to run the risk of making some people mad. People may not like what you do, people may not like how you do it, but these people are not living your life. You are.” Iyanla Vanzant

Nathanie The Female Artist Flawless/Nathanie TheFaF, found her way back to speaking after tragedy. The Spoken Word Artist didn’t realize the intensity of her involvement.
A creative writing class set her up to be graduated in the "Heroes Amongst Us" Production where she performed her first written piece “The Hero In Me,” after a sabbatical from writing and presenting poetry.

Seeing how passionate she felt about speaking to sell, and getting paid to speak, Nathanie attended Lisa Sassy Sasevich's 2019 Conference "Speak To Sell" to hone her craft and learn to become a paid speaker. While at that conference Nathanie got on the mic and shared her passion with Lisa Sasevich and her audience where she learned what she offered was just as important as the business owners who were Social Media Strategists, and Marketing What Have You's.

Her graduation from that writing and speaking training, in addition to what she grasped from the 

conference with Lisa Sassy Sasevich, lit a fire in her that took her to open mics at theaters in her community, 

all the while trying to figure out the paid speaking thing. 

As Nathanie continued to learn as a business owner and speaker, and was encouraged by one of her trainers 

Russell Brunson, to have her mess be her message, Nathanie struggled with the delivery of her spoken word pieces. 

In January of 2022 she connected with a  speaking coach  Al Jensen who assisted her with her format and delivery 

of her spoken word and Nathanie has been on fire. 

Nathanie has also trained with Tiamo Divetori and delivers keynote concert combining her 

spoken word with cover songs.

Nathanie is also a success coach to six figure business owners helping  with clarity to create longterm growth and stability in their business,  and podcast guest accepting interviews on overcoming adversity.




Reach Cover Song By Gloria Estafan

This song serves as an inspiration, and it inspires me to keep pushing, striving and reaching for the stars and the best that I can be. I hope it awakens the same feelings within you and other positive sentiments unmentioned.

Balance 2 / eZWay Cash


Vocalist For Private Concert

Performing a total of eight (8) cover songs for your private event: Birthdays, got a newborn, Graduations, Wedding Anniversaries, engagements, Just Because Can't have a party? Don't want a party? How about A Private Concert. I sing Acapella, second Soprano, and some variety in ranges. Attendance: 40 Max. Venue is Private. Seeking hosts.

Appointment Setter

Helping small businesses with at least five W2 employees on payroll get Covid assistance for reduction in income and changes of procedures during the pandemic.

Success Coaching

Working with business owners to find clarity for long-term growth and business stability, while freeing up their time to do what they love.


Public Speaking
Holding space
Creating rapport

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