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Melody Jensen

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Making a Difference by Bringing Happiness, Love and Care to the World’s Starving. Oppressed, Entrepreneurs, Families, Corporate Leaders, and Humanitarians, She is Inspiring, Motivating and Educating Others to Make a Positive Impact on Our World.


Melody is presently interviewing and selecting heroes, humanitarians and talented people to be certified and trained as MJHLC Happiness, Life and Talent Coaches.


Inspiring Others: Melody is passionate about inspiring people to discover the joy that comes through making a difference in the lives of others. She is presently working on executive producing inspirational and motivational documentaries, movies, television, seminars and red carpet events that will inspire, motivate and educate the world on how we all can make a difference and experience the joy of serving and giving to humanity.

Melody has had over 35 years experience in the life coaching, fitness, nutrition and image consulting industry. She has been a pioneer in developing, creating & manufacturing customized, holistically formulated product lines for the spa industry as well as the retail and direct sales industry. She developed the first turn-key total appearance and personal development image center 35 years ago in the first and largest spa chain ever created. She had her own columns in “Shape Magazine”, including “The Success Story Make-over column” and “Image in Action column”. In her seminars and red carpet events, Melody has coached thousands, including celebrities, on humanitarian and self improvement topics including Pay it forward and make a difference in the world, Change Your Thought And Plan Your New Life, What Do Men And Women Really Want? Discover You And Your Winning Image, Language Of Dress And Color, How To Look And Feel Ten Years Younger, Image Profiling To Improve Your Success In Relationships, Team Building, Personal Development & Sales Training. She is a much sought after lecturer, trainer and expert on the subject of image building for major corporations, magazines, television, radio, colleges, universities and national as well as international beauty pageants. Melody Jensen,  founder of MELODYSHAPPYWORLD.COM, MELODYSSECRET.COM, MJHLC.COM and MJHLC.TV, and MJHLC Productions, however, her primary passion is her humanitarian efforts. Her focus is on making a difference in the world by bringing happiness and loving care to malnourished, starving people, inspiring others to make a positive impact through her movies, seminars and red carpet events, as well as interest in breakthrough green and humanitarian technologies that improve our world. Breakthrough Green and Humanitarian Technologies: Melody has a strong interest in technologies that will improve our environment, conserve precious resources and enhance the quality of life on the earth, including breakthrough alternative energy technologies for cost-effective Melody's Happy World Homes, biofuels, solar energy, landfills converted to energy and electric vehicles. She also has a strong interest to enable the rapid response of abducted children, and technology of rapid response in global disasters. Contact her for Happiness Seminars, Talk Shows, Red Carpet Events dedicated to the Discover You with Melody's Global Happiness Crusade Life, talent and happiness coaching and image consulting with the certification training or private consultation @ (626) 422-6641 or (909) 229-5595 and text your name and phone and Melody will call you! Thankyou.

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