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Marianna Trofimova

Actor , model , trainer.

Marianna Trofimova grew up in Moscow, Russia, where she graduated from University of Humanities, where she also did her first fitness competition and a beauty contest. Studied gymnastics and was attending school by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, famous Russian designer, where she learned fashion modeling. She is versatile commercial, print model and actress, physically toned and fit built on a high-end fashion model proportional body frame. Internationally experienced in Russia starting fashion modeling, dancing and performing work at the age of 6. Graduating with Bachelor of Art in Business art from Moscow University of Humanities. After graduating from University she moved to Los Angeles, California where she opens up with her partner a Studio city fitness gym in a year of 2000. Working as a manager and owner of the gym she is participating again in a fitness contests and has done fitness infomercials and commercials. She is also a fitness competitor and a winner of 2011 NPC competitions in figure and bikini.

marianna is an actor 
Marianna is licensed massage therapist.
Reiki master .
licensed Esthetisian.

"I truly believe in the energy and joy that comes from living ahealthy lifestyle and believing in yourself. I always say don't give up and follow up!" Marianna




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