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About me

Luna Romanini

Host, Creative Director, Model.

Hi eZWAY fam.
Luna Romanini here, and as if my last name didn’t give it away enough already, I am a born and raised Italian woman , who just recently moved to Los Angeles. Because of that, I don’t have many credits (yet), but what I do have, it’s infinite effortless creative ideas (in writing, music video directing, marketing ideas..ecc 💡 ) dance and choreography skills, great networking capabilities, and experienced in organizing anything that concerns putting people and or events together with a careful eye for details.
But, most importantly, i possess a good spirit and a never ending passion . Because of that, I am also considering starting a podcast on motivational and spiritual Health speaking. I believe in fairness, sharing , and justice. And its my life s mission to bring those morals to the industry, and hopefully help it change towards the right way!  Together, nothing is impossible, and that’s why I am so glad and honored to have found and joined the EZWAY family ! Buona giornata a tutti. !



Balance 5 / eZWay Cash


Host & podcasting

One thing I love to do, is talk! About any and everything. I don’t shy away from any topic and know how to effortlessly keep a conversation active, fun, engaged and going. Want to know how and why Italy is so different from America? Or Want to talk about the universe, life after death, God? . Relationships, industry experiences as a young woman from overseas & the battles I had to fight ?…. I can talk about it all. With no filters.


Available for photoshoots and videoshoots .

Music video creative director

After 5 minutes of listening to your song, I will give you 5 different (great) treatments and ideas for the visuals and storyline of your next music video.! Don’t shy away from asking, a conversation its free .


Active listening
Public speaking
Ice breaker 😉
Creative directing

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