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Vic Aka Lil Saint

Business Owner, Music artist, Motivation Speaker, Author,

In 1986 a baby was born with a disability that doctors stated this child would not have the ability to walk, speak or do any normal thing that a normal person would do. He would have a 4th-grade level education; he would be bound to a wheelchair.
In 2005 he walked across the stage to received his graduation diploma and gave his speech & the speech he gave he said never let a disabled person outwork Never let your disability become your inability is inability the young man graduated high school 12th grade with a 3.5 GPA went on In life his 1st job was Walmart He wanted to attend college then college he wanted to be a business owner he wanted to be A music artist but his own mother who adopted him told him no because you have a disability
Fast forward to 2009, Sitting on a park bench, he was approached by a gentleman who asked what is your Passion “MUSIC” Later that year he Invested into the coffee Industry, and the same month that he invested his last $60 he made a $,1200 profit He then went on to promote Dj's. He then went on to become DJ himself, he became a music artist, a business owner in that same year. He Djed for 6 months for free, got his name out there
Fast forward to now, he has traveled 47 States doing audio/visual work for multi multimillion-dollar companies Spoke on stages with Les Brown and Eric Thomas and that's how he got started and motivational speaking he wrote a 30-day success journal and today he’s very successful I know that story so well because I was that baby in 1986



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Balance 102 / eZWay Cash


Motivational Speaking


Dj & A/V

Music to your ears, we play what you want to hear. Our goal is to make sure your event is a HUGE success, we want to see our clients with a smile on their Face Before, During and After, your event. After all you are the Star of your event we just put an accent to it to make you shine. We are a one stop production company with many services to provide you with, DJ/Karaoke, A/V, ​Sound Engineer



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