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Kymberli Boynton

Multi Business Owner, Director, Producer, Writer & LMFT

Hey EZ Family! I'm Kymberli Boynton and I'm very excited to be part of this family!

A little background of me is I have been in the performing arts industry my whole life.  I am professionally trained in Dance, Theater, Vocals and Music.  I play Piano and Flute.  Performing Arts has always been my first love! I love the stage and the stage loves me!  I have worked in various capacities of the industry from being a Dance Choreographer, to Vocalist in various TV shows and competitions and singing in the Casinos in Las Vegas to being on stage in the theater acting, Directing and Producing.  I wrote 4 musicals that were performed on stage and I have one more in the works.

I hold an AA in Journalism, in which that lead to become a writer and and Entertainment Page Editor for newspaper, then in my later years, Writer and Editor in Chief for a high end Celebrity Magazine, Amare' Magazine.

I also hold a BA in Liberal Arts and an MA in Education.  I was blessed to be an Elementary school Teacher and Principal from over 15 years before retiring and going into College Admissions and running all of So. California High schools for their SAT/ACT test prep.

I also hold an MS in Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. So I am now a LMFT. I opened my own Health and Wellness Center in 2018 and have been blessed to work with several patients to help them through their toughest times.

I also own Polaris Performing Arts Academy, and Polaris Arts a 501 (c) (3) non profit.  I teach the Theater, Music, Vocals and Piano Classes as well as Direct and Produce our Musicals and Plays and shows. With this I also have an AA in Music as well.

My newest addition to my companies is an original company and we are the only one that exists in my County of Riverside.  I am the Owner/Founder of Hashtag Selfie Experience Gallery.  We are a unique and creative place where you can take as much selfies on various backgrounds, make videos or Tik Toks and create any content for your social media needs.  We also have a Green Screen room that can put you anywhere you wanna be. Our 360 Platform give you that extra spin on your photos and videos.

I am in the process of launching my new Reality Talk Show "Keeping Up With Kym" that I'm really excited about!  Look for more info coming soon!

I am very passionate about people, networking and making the community and all around us a better place to function together as a family. I'm upbeat, positive and thrive on the same vibe from others.  This pandemic has taught us that we are not to be kept isolated, but at the same time, time with family and friends is important and a balance of work and home life should be created.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you all soon!!



Best of the Best!



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Interview with Matt J Doyle from TAP Interviews

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Event Planning

If you have an upcoming event, small, large or Red Carpet Gala, I can help plan it and put it all together for you.

Advertising & Product Placement

Advertise or have your products placed in my Magazine and or TV Show

Photography & Video Editing

Photography and Media Content, Video and Green Screen.


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