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Hey EZ Family! I'm Kymberli Boynton and I'm very excited to be part of this family!  This is my bio below:   Kymberli Boynton is an entrepreneur of multiple companies and sits on the Executive Board of Directors for over seven Non-Profit organizations. Boynton thrives on being an active participant in her community and surrounding counties. Boynton currently has two TV shows that are in production, <strong>“Keeping Up with Kym” (KUWK)</strong> a reality show taking its viewers behind the scenes her crazy busy life that has her juggling work life, empowering others, being in the entertainment industry, 3 adult children and 8 grandkids. <strong>“Keeping It Real with Kym” (KIRWK)</strong> is in Season 2 production and about to drop on Amazon Prime, Roku TV, Tubi and a MAJOR Network, that can’t be revealed yet..shhh! <strong>KIRWK</strong> is a talk show that focuses primarily on our youth, teens and young adults with all the challenges they are facing in the world today. Kymberli expresses, <strong><em>"As a therapist, I work with patients of all ages and walks of life. Lately, however, I have been getting ALOT of youth and teens, even more so now post pandemic than ever before. Some of the struggles I've seen with this generation and worked with are issues we are all seeing today on the news. From bullying in the schools to gender identity issues to suicide and school shooting threats and more. The issues ARE REAL! These kids ARE our future, and they need to be heard and they need help. If having their stories and voices heard means saving another, then we are going to do just that!" </em></strong>Both are scheduled to hit TV Networks this 2023. Boynton, amongst many other titles, is a Marriage and Family Therapist and <strong><em>Ms. Classic Guam</em></strong> of the <strong><em>Million Dollar Diamond Pageants</em></strong>. Empowering woman, well people in general are important to Boynton as it was something she once struggled with. Boynton says, <strong><em>“I had all the tools to be empowered, to find self-worth and self-confidence, but didn’t know where to start. It was then that I turned to my audibles and began to listen to books of empowerment, books of manifestation and other related type self-help books.” </em></strong>Boynton listens to them daily while getting her day started as she says it helps her set her day for positive things to manifest and helps her mindset focused on positives so she can help others be and do the same. Although Boynton is very upbeat and bubbly and gives positive vibes, things haven’t always been so bright for her. She had a tremendous amount of pain and suffering from childhood through her young adult years that included abuse of many forms, domestic violence, family issues and more. This caused her great loneliness and feelings of despair, depression and lack of self-worth and self-esteem. However, through her tragedies, she was able to turn her <strong><em>“tests into testimonies”</em></strong> and her <strong><em>“faith over fear.”</em></strong> Boynton was able to turn all negatives into positives, and her goal is to help others do the same. Outside her therapy field, Boynton started training and performing at the young age of three years old and has been in the Entertainment industry her whole life. Boynton is a quadruple threat, being professionally trained in Dance, Music, Vocal and Theater. Boynton is also a Certified Master Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She is the Owner and Founder of <strong>Serenity Wellness Center</strong> and <strong>Serenity Wellness Magazine</strong> and Vice President of <strong><em>Amare’ Magazine</em></strong>. There is so much more to Kymberli Boynton, her experiences and career roles, but you’ll have to “catch up with her” to know more.   <strong>Contact Information:</strong> 951.916-3133Xt. 506  email: <strong>Facebook:</strong> Kymberli Ann Boynton /Keeping upwith Kym <strong>IG:</strong> @KymberliBoynton/ Keepingupwithkym_tv/Keepingitrealwithkym <strong>Youtube:</strong> Kymberli Boynton <strong>LinkedIn</strong>: Kymberli Boynton <strong></strong>: Kymberli Boynton <strong> </strong> <strong>Websites:</strong> (TV Show) (Performing Arts Academy) <a href=""></a> (Wellness Center)   <strong>Credentials:</strong> <strong>AA </strong>Degree-Journalism & Music <strong>BA</strong> Degree: Liberal Arts & Psychology <strong>MA</strong> Degree: Education <strong>MS</strong> Degree: Psychology-Marriage & Family Therapy <strong>Phd.</strong> Psychology   <strong>Media/Publication:</strong> Imdb/Kymberli Boynton Co-Producer: Joseph Kelly Productions <em>“Clowney”</em> Co-Producer: Music Video, <em>“Ready to Fly”-</em>Melione (Official Music Video) Co Producer:  <a href="">Payday – <em>“Control Ya”</em> Ft. Mike Theory & Jhnine (Official Music Video)</a> Empowered Magazine Spring 2023 Feature EZ Way Magazine 2023 Feature Hollywood Weekly May 2022 Cover Feature Your Success Magazine April 2022 Issue Amare’ Magazine Issue 5 “Empowering Player”-Kymberli Boynton Signal Hill Tribune- AUGUST 17, 2012 Nite Vision Entertainment (NVE) “TAP Interviews” with Matt J Doyle “Voices For Victims” with Crystal Starnes “Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell” “AMEN” Show with Cat Oshman and Ntsiki Ncoco   <strong>Tag line/Slogan</strong>: <strong><em>“Keeping up with Kym is a full-time job and never a dull moment.”</em></strong> Looking forward to meeting and working with you all soon!!
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