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Kevin Beck

Television & Music Editor/Director/Producer/Writer

KB arrived in Hollywood in 1987 at the age of 17 as a PA. He then worked for Republic Pictures, MGM and Paramount Home Video as an Asso.Producer/Editor and received his first on-air screen credit at 21 editing Star Trek's 25th Anniversary Special. At the age of 26 Mr. Beck signed an exclusive contract with 20th Century FOX on-air branding division Area21 as a Writer/Producer where he won a Promax award for The X-Files series premiere campaign. Over his twenty year career after FOX he became an ASCAP music publisher and co-composer and formed two successful incorporations Clutch Design Inc. and Red Barn Films LLC and then worked as a live Producer/Writer for Lake Tahoe TV & Outside Television Directing the Tahoe Today and Tahoe Tonight show and much more. Currently Mr. Beck has two thriving production companies based out of California and Navada - USA Beckon Films and Malibu Rock Records. KB still has an open door policy with the FOX Broadcasting Co. & FOX Sports, LTTV and many more and works directly with helping America's Homeless Vets a non profit in Sacramento California and BECKON & MRR is based in Irvine, California.



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