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    Keever Lernise Murdaugh

    10 months, 2 weeks ago
    Join us for the special event featuring Jerusher Evans Wiggins on Keever’s Place, The Keever Murdaugh Show & Podcast

    Tuesday, March 9th, 7:30pm est.

    Topic: Course “3 day Ride” How to find your ideal prospects.

    Jerusher Evans Wiggins is a Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality and Business Coach. She says “I’ve noticed people posting and praying on social media that someone will support their business; instead of giving value and developing relationships”.

    She helps entrepreneurs build a business on and offline. She specializes in how to become a professional conversation starter to build a relationship that will convert to sales or partnership.
    If you are struggling with building authentic business relationships, then you definitely want to tune in for this special event, Tuesday,March 9th at 7:30pm est.

    Grab her FREE business tips:

    Registration for course:

    To be a guest on our show,Keever’s Place, The Keever Murdaugh Show & Podcast, schedule your discovery call today and let us help you improve your reach, connect you with resources and promote your message.

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~CEO/Entrepreneur ~TV Show & Podcast Host & Producer ~Certified Life & Business Coach ~Speaker

About us…

Welcome to Keever’s Place, the Keever Murdaugh Show. Their show provide a safe space, free of judgement and criticism, to converse about a variety of topics. They address topics of personal health, spiritual growth, empowerment, business, financial literacy and so much more.
They provide a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and influencers to connect and collaborate so that everyone involved, watching and listening can learn and G.L.O.W. (Growing and Linking Opportunities to Work) together.

Meet our Host…

~CEO/Entrepreneur ~TV Show & Podcast Host & Producer ~Certified Life & Business Coach
Keever Lernise Murdaugh is an International TV and Podcast host on

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