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Cadence.Co Intro From Tech Founder KayeCee Austin

We wanted to share with you what the new content on our channel Cadence.Co will be featuring! All old content on our channel is unlisted now but if you have the link— please continue to enjoy it! We are dedicating this channel to Education, Tips and Positive Candid Conversations regarding my inspiration, passion and belief in My New Social Network Platform, Cadence.Co. 😉

I, KayeCee Austin, A Tech Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, Entertainer and Retired Army Veteran— am also an adult with Aspergers.
I’m an “Aspie”. Cadence.Co is the First and Only Social Network Platform Dedicated To Aspies, Autism, ADHD, Bi-Polar and Other Neurodiverse Personalities. Neurodiverse means we think and act differently. However, our platform ALSO Welcomes those who seek to understand and become a part of aligning OUR SOCIETY to accept ALL Personality Types.

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