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About me

Karina Kantas

***Author, podcast and radio host, singer, filmmaker and entrepreneur, coach and mentor***

'Her voice-overs are beautifully done, and her interviews are a ton of fun to do.'

'Her talents are multifaceted. She creates graphics, records narrations, and launches marketing campaigns. The best thing that happened to my writing career was to connect with her.'


Karina Kantas is an award-winning author of 14 books and a multi-award-winning filmmaker.

She hosts the podcast and video cast, Behind The Pen. And the host of the radio show Author Assist.

Karina is the graphic designer for Go indie Now (multimedia platform)

Author Assist provides exclusive packages for publishers, authors and unpublished writers. They have the road map that guides authors on how to publish, market themselves and their books and get their books up the best seller charts.

Karina Kantas has been in the publishing industry for over 27 years and has been running Author Assist for eight years.



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Can You Feel The Rage?

Road Rage is a dark MC romance 18+

This is the official book trailer for Road Rage.
Available to buy for your Kindle. and any reading device.

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Author Assist will design a cover, write a blurb and publish your ebook and paperback with wide distribution..


Author Assist has a multi media package that will get your book the best visibility.

Author Coach

Author Assist teaches authors how to use important software and programs that will make their life easier.


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