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Paul Schumann is a multi-skilled individual with expertise in Real Estate, Business Success and Natural Health. In college, Paul earned a degree in chemistry which taught him how to approach any new business like an experiment. After college, he partnered with a builder-developer to construct 14 apartment complexes and a major office building in Huntington Beach. He has been an active licensed Real Estate Broker for over 40 years. Paul has owned and operated an automotive repair shop and a jewelry store as well as assisting entrepreneurs in start-up companies. In the mid-90s, Paul worked with a debt negotiation company and quickly rose to the top of his field. He became the President of Problem Solvers, LLC and settled thousands of debts, helping individuals and small business owners settle their debt and keep their business open. Paul studied the credit system and helps people achieve very high FICO scores with his direction. In the past, Paul has held licenses in life insurance and securities and accumulated this knowledge. Paul is licensed as a Holistic Health Practitioner with many years of study about the workings of the mind and body to assist others. He recognizes that a healthy mind and body work in tandem to achieve success in business. In response to the rapid fluctuations in our economy, Paul is once again assisting people with debt settlement. He helps companies lower their debt load and find new financing for growth. His diverse background enables him to find hidden solutions. Paul has developed a system for Financial Health with 5 critical components: Mindset, Credit, Debt, Budget, and Negotiations. These often misunderstood but practical concepts allow anyone to understand how money works in their world, which is not the same for everyone. Paul has a gift for connecting with the individual and finding their unique financial chemistry, which brings a healthy financial outcome. Paul is also known as “Fallbrook’s Jewish Santa.” Every year he buys toys for underprivileged children, dresses as Santa and distributes them. His non-profit, “Health and Wealth Angels, Inc,” will further expand services to the homeless and needy. As Santa, he enjoys telling each child that they are special, giving them the positive enforcement which is critical to young people.

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