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Joe Boy

IT by day, Producer by night

Joe is the owner of Your Computer Solutions Inc., a computer IT solution provider in Orlando Fl. He remotely provides IT services all over the US solving IT related issue quickly and effectively. You can reach him at But his favorite job is being a Dad. Joe spends as much time with his son Tibeirus as he can.  Because of this, he learned about his son's interest in broadcast and running a radio show.  Four years later Joe is producing podcasts, commercials, radio and TV shows in studio and remotely for clients around the US.  He produces The Tiberius Show with his son Tiberius Boy.  Tiberius talks to people about what they do for a living and how does it make the world a better place. If you want to be a guest on his show just reach out.  There is never a fee to be a guest and you get to promote about how amazing your job is and why a child might want to grow up and do what you are doing for a living.



Good people, talented son, glad to have you apart of our eZWay Family



Tiberius Show Short Rokid Glasses

Tiberius and JoeBoy review the Rokid Glasses and show some of the ways that augmented reality can be used in the world today.  If you want your product reviewed on The Tiberius Show, just drop me an email at!!!

Balance 19 / eZWay Cash



Not sure if your brand needs video? Want to see if a podcast would help your brand? Not sure if your network is secure enough for your business. Joe Boy can provide answers to your questions on a case by case basis.

Recording Session

Podcast/Video Stream recording sessions can be a powerful way to get your brand out there. Great for those that want to try to see if a podcast is for them.

Computer maintenance

Remotely manage your computer so you can get back to work. Enjoy Error free Computing when you have JoeBoy managing your computer.


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Podcast Production
Information Technology

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