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Jenni Daniel

About me

I love helping businesses succeed to their full potential. I strive to make others find their true potential in life. Project management is just the start of something a business needs. It plays a vital role.

Any business that will succeed needs to have so many moving parts. Here is the key.

Ω Finding the solution to a problem by strategizing the potential outcomes for your business.

Ω Watching your business take the next steps to that higher level is something that I flourish on.

Ω Having that team in place to make the business happen is the key.

Who I am and what I do,

Ω I am a Business adviser- Helping businesses find the solution they need? Customer service is one of the main roles that can set your business apart. With continued efforts, your business can transform keeping you on the leading edge.

Ω I am a website adviser- Helping businesses find the right brand, design, and message to put in their funnels and on their website. With continued efforts, your business will have pages that will convert into leads.

Ω I am a Social Media adviser- Helping businesses find the advertisement solutions that they need. One ad can set your business apart. With continued efforts looking at numbers and knowing where to build the next marketing is a key and vital role.

My Personal Experience.

Have you ever thought of ways to get out of our current situation? I have done it for years. Until now. Joining Genesis Digital changed my life and opened a whole new world for me. We can achieve them together. Being an affiliate manager for Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar are some of the many greatest accomplishments that have happened.


Strategic Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Virtual assistant, Tech wizard, Email Marketing, Online Business Management, Digital Marketing, Business Coaching Support, Small Business Support, Webinars, website building, funnel building, and creation.

I'd love to connect with you here on LinkedIn. I am just a phone call away if you'd like to discover how I can help you grow your business and reduce your workload.

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