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  • This week on Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast:
    We’re replaying an episode from Season 11!
    In honor of the film Barbie (out July 21), rewatch our episode Dreams Come True at the World of Barbie.
    Watch here:
    Listen here:

  • What’s one way in media interviews to say what you need without spilling everything?
    They can relay the key points of your marketing message without running the risk of:
    Selling your product or service
    Being misquoted
    Being taken out of context
    Being put on the spot
    Getting cut-off mid-sentence
    On-camera media training h…Read More

  • What can influence someone’s opinion of you when you show up on-camera for a media or podcast interview before you’ve even opened your mouth?
    How you look.
    This includes:
    Visible skin markings
    Your skin’s luster
    Wardrobe, both attire and shoes
    Person A shows up to a media interview. She has no makeu…Read More

  • A client asked me, “Janette, I want to do sponsorship. Should I just go for any and hope they work?”
    No. Don’t do that.
    Sponsorship is a great way to get promotion, visibility, and exposure. But what should you do to get that?
    ☞The audience matches yours
    ☞You’ll be getting the appropriate promotion for your sponsorship…Read More

  • What is one of the most popular episodes of Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast?

    Functional Nutrition with Shelley Gawith, with 73,456 views.

    Watch here:

  • A client recently told me, “Janette, I’m using media to connect with my audience, but they’re not there!”
    Their audience was there, actually. But what were they doing wrong? Not connecting with them in the right ways.
    They were:
    Using the wrong platforms
    Presenting the wrong message
    Having no call to action
    Not interacting where their a…Read More

  • Want to reach new audiences & get more exposure for your brand, business, & products? Want to be a desirable media guest that gets booked over & over and make media a consistent part of your marketing? Sign up for Media Matters with Janette Newsletter.
    Every other Friday, learn from me, Janette Burke, Media Personality, Producer, Interviewer,…Read More

  • Did you know?
    What do I work to achieve with Janette’s TV & Janette’s TV Podcast?
    I believe everyone has a story that should be told and I help my sponsors and interviewees Be SEEN, Be HEARD, and Be KNOWN while also making an impact on my audience.
    Want this to be you?
    Learn how to work with me at:

  • Read our case studies!
    THE SITUATION – Thalia was running a singles event centered around improv and wanted more exposure.
    WHAT I DID – I worked with Thalia to get her message down, focusing on why this type of singles event was different from online dating. I helped her to bring in stats and story-telling. I took her Key points and dev…Read More

  • Don’t make your event one people will remember for all the wrong reasons.
    The host or moderator can make or break it.
    So why would you want someone inexperienced?
    Instead, get someone with lots of charisma, personality, and inspiration!
    Book me for your next event at:

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Media Personality and Trainer

Janette Burke is the Executive Producer of Janette Burke Productions, and Host/Creator of the three-time award-winning Janette’s TV & Podcast. Having interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts, Janette knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. She provides Media Mentoring & Training to CEOS, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and sales agents who wish to garner more media attention and improve their presentation, performance, and communication skills when appearing on camera (media, pod & webcast interviews, videos, or LIVES), on stage (speaking virtually, solo or as part of a panel), preparing a TEDTalk or interacting with prospective clients, investors, sponsors, and staff.



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Janette knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. She provides Mentoring & Training to CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales agents who wish to get more media attention improve their presentation, performance and communication skills when appearing on-camera (media, pod & webcast interviews, videos or LIVES), on-stage (speaking virtually, solo or as part of a panel), preparing a TEDTalk or interacting with prospective clients, investors, sponsors, and staff. Take the short survey below to receive your exclusive invitation to Janette’s complimentary 60-minture group chat where she will share the 3 key things you must have in place to become a sought-after media guest or speaker on world stages and gain more media & speaking opportunities than you ever imagined possible for your business and brand.

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