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Fred Smith

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Business Mentor | SMB Strategist | Coach

I'm going to tell you why I support The eXWay Wall Of Fame and why I support this community 100%. To me, this movement isn't about Eric. It's not about who he knows or what he does behind the scenes or who he does it with. I've rocked with him a Pappa Zuley for almost 20 years now (nearly one whole generation) and I've been able to not only witness the growth of this community, but also be a part of it. It wasn't until November 2020 I was finally able to speak freely and get the necessary debriefings I needed to finally be able to become more public and show what I'm really capable of doing. This community is a very safe community and EZ makes sure of that. He really is the Pappa Bear and will fight tooth and nail to keep this space clean and organized so you can flourish and prosper. You will see me more visible and around, helping people lean into their dreams give them a fighting chance to grow, elevate and inspire others to build generational wealth, skillset development and the financial security everyone here deserves and will have when Following Directions the EZ Way. Thank you, Brother, for keeping the torch lifted high.


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