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    Wendy Huffman posted in the group eZWay Family

    2 months, 2 weeks ago

    WOW! What an event! Eric Zuley, you BLEW IT UP! In case you missed the LMTD GLOBAL Network of Nonprofit Pitch Your Purpose Event, it had a stellar turnout- and not just celebrities, influencers and six countries, but 3 continents were on!! We were moved, touched, and inspired by the people making THE difference all over the planet- and now we are connecting them for a quantum leap in effectiveness, efficiency, and reach. The exposure they will get with and Eric’s genius with eZway promotions is unmatched. The vision for the unity of purpose is materializing before our eyes….we are in editing now and looking for sponsors for the event distribution on Nov 29 on Giving Tuesday. Reach out to Eric or me ASAP if you want to be a part of it- time is running out. This is the founders’ circle, let’s make history together!

About me

Wendy S. Huffman

Founder/CEO of Let's Make THE Difference, using Solar sales to fund global transformation.

Thanks for checking out my profile!! My name is Wendy Huffman; I am the CEO of the nonprofit Let's Make THE Difference and the LMTD Global Network of Nonprofits.

I believe in solar, and helping people choose solar helps to fund nonprofits. NOW IS THE TIME! Apricot Solar brings a new level of integrity and customer service with guaranteed lowest pricing. Don't SETTLE FOR GENERIC SOLAR; wait for your NET-ZERO HOME!

  1. Guaranteed Production
  2. Consistent Usage
  3. Home automation!                                                                                    Send me your electric bill, and let's schedule a consultation!

Currently in 30 States!

Every sale generates a donation for Let's Make THE Difference, supporting African refugees with computers, internet, and education.



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September 22, 2022
Wendy Huffman is awesome! Glad to have her on board the eZWay Train as an affiliate and a gold member!


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