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    2 weeks, 6 days ago

    What’s our next big event coming up in June?

    Hello, #eZWayFamily Eric Zuley will be hosting this charity fight coming up that supports this amazing cause! JUNE 11TH GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY! THEY MAY GO UP IN PRICE
    Here is their mission. The mission of the Archie Moore, Anybody Can Youth foundation is to empower San Diego’s inner-city youth to face life’s challenges without cowardice but with courage and dignity.
    The program offers a positive alternative to the prevalent drug and gang violence in the communities we serve. Boxers maintain focus and determination as they work with their peers and ABC’s coaches. Our head coach, Art Wilson, has been working with Billy Moore for over two decades. Together they have produced boxing champions and, more importantly, well-rounded individuals. Coach Art and other volunteer coaches are here to guide our youth to reach both their athletic and life goals. Please let me know if you get a ticket! Everyone that supports this and comes. We will do an interview with you and put you on the eZWay TV Network reaching millions of homes and mobile phones! This event is on June 11th and eZWay Cares is Proud to support this event and cause.

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