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About me

Founder of EcoChemPro Advanced Green Cleaner

Boot Strap Entrepreneur, Innovator, Cleaning Junkie, Green Cleaning Expert

I help those in the Industrial and Manufacturing space reduce or eliminate workplace hazards when it comes to cleaning and housekeeping. Our advanced eco-friendly cleaner degreaser can replace all of the nasty and toxic chemicals you have been using in your facility for cleaning. Utilizing innovative green chemical technology, our product cleans better without all the risks of caustic and toxic cleaners and degreasers you are using. Our product is 100% biodegradable, pH neutral, and versatile across all applications related to cleaning and degreasing.

I partner with Superintendents, Mill Managers, Safety Managers, Production Managers, Operators, Environmental Safety Teams, and Plant Managers to help them execute a GREEN CLEAN environment. We work in the pulp & paper, oil & gas, electric & wind power, and auto manufacturing spaces.



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