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About me

erin Dragonsong

Faery Godmother For Your Dreams

erin Dragonsong (me) is the CEO and founder of the brand-spanking TV network: New Earth Rising ( - still in embryo.

I have several TV shows coming up, including Gaia Arising, on multiple network.

Also hosting a bestselling anthology series, Gaia Arising (

For all of these, i'm looking for content creators and changemakers who have a piece of the vision of what Heaven On Earth looks like... people with a message of hope and inspiration that should go global, about this dawning New Earth Era / Spiritual Golden Age:  What would you love this world to become? How do we build that?  And how do we start living it now?         

One of the leading Wiccan & magick teachers in the world,  i'm a sought-after speaker, teacher, author, and transformational coach.

Founder of Wicca Spirituality, the Entrepreneurial Magick system, and the revolutionary Breakthrough Alchemy technique, i specialize in helping heart-centered, spiritual people break through subconscious blocks and make a living through living their Dreams.

In my 40-years quest for reliable, effective magick and miracles-on-demand, i've been studying and implementing manifestation success principles, and teaching these as practical, do-able magick techniques to my audience of over 250,000 social media followers, as well as on my award-winning site,

I've appeared on radio, podcasts, and summits, sharing the stage with world-renowned teachers such as Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart, Dr. Sue Morter, Neale Donald Walsh, Mary Morrissey, Dawson Church, and Marci Shimoff.

I'm the author of A Natural Connection: Discover Your Totem Animals And How They Can Help You and other spirituality-themed books, and is a contributing author in Jesus Through Pagan EyesSea, Sky, and DreamsIn the Spirit of We'Moon—Celebrating 30 Years.




You Can Be a Miracle Maker! - erin Dragonsong (Quantum Miracles Mastery docuseries interview, 2022)

This is the interview of erin Dragonsong conducted by Melissa Binkley for the Quantum Miracles Mastery docuseries 2022.

In this video:

* What IS magick? How is it different from miracles?
* Case studies in magick healing
* Demonstration of Breakthrough Alchemy™ system in clearing subconscious blocks!

Balance 16 / eZWay Cash


Entrepreneurial Magick

Breakthrough Alchemy

I help entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives permanently uplevel by breaking through subconscious blocks, destructive patterns, and self-sabotage in a SNAP (often in a single session), by tapping into their Soul Power, Universal Codes, and secret body codes... to uplevel your life, so that they're free to reach their greatest potential and enjoy the happiness and success that’s been eluding them!

Bust the Blocks: Entrepreneur Edition

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches, healers, artists, etc) Who are feeling like they're struggling for money so they are forced to do other things for an income instead of doing what they want to be doing: living their dream and fulfilling their Life Mission So i help them turn their Dreams into dollars We do this by clearing the inner blocks and limitations that are keeping them stuck at a lower level of success and impact that they want And taking effective, inspired actions to create a profitable, successful spiritual business So that they can avoid Spinning their wheels, not getting anywhere, not reaching their goals and dreams... years go by and they're in the same place year after year In other words, to make a (great) living by living their Dream!

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