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erin Dragonsong (me) is the CEO and founder of the brand-spanking TV network:  Earth Ascending (<a title="‌" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer ugc"><strong></strong></a>) - still in embryo. I have several TV shows coming up, including Goddess Reborn, Gaia Arising, on multiple networks. Also hosting a bestselling anthology series, Gaia Arising ( For all of these, i'm looking for content creators and changemakers who have a piece of the vision of what Heaven On Earth looks like... people with a <em>message of hope and inspiration</em> that should go global, about this dawning New Earth Era / Spiritual Golden Age:  <strong>What would you love this world to become? How do we build that?  And how do we start living it now?         </strong> One of the leading Wiccan & magick teachers in the world,  i'm a sought-after speaker, teacher, author, and transformational coach. Founder of Wicca Spirituality, the <em>Entrepreneurial Magick </em>system, and the revolutionary <em>Breakthrough Alchemy </em>technique, i specialize in helping heart-centered, spiritual people break through subconscious blocks and make a living through living their Dreams. In my 40-years quest for reliable, effective magick and miracles-on-demand, i've been studying and implementing manifestation success principles, and teaching these as practical, do-able magick techniques to my audience of over 250,000 social media followers, as well as on my award-winning site, I've appeared on radio, podcasts, and summits, sharing the stage with world-renowned teachers such as Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart, Dr. Sue Morter, Neale Donald Walsh, Mary Morrissey, Dawson Church, and Marci Shimoff. I'm the author of <em>A Natural Connection: Discover Your Totem Animals And How They Can Help You </em>and other spirituality-themed books, and is a contributing author in <em>Jesus Through Pagan Eyes</em>; <em>Sea, Sky, and Dreams</em>; <em>In the Spirit of We'Moon—Celebrating 30 Years.</em>

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