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Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partneroffline

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  • Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partner
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Text Me Leads

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SMS Text Message Marketing

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Look.  The easiest way to explain this is to show you!

Grab your phone and start a text message.

Now text TML to 55678

Next go explore what we can do and when you are ready, call me.  You’ll have my number.  🙂

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Sales Funells
Business Development
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Sales Funnel

You're gonna need a good funnel after you use our text service!

SMS Text Message Marketing

Capture more leads via text.

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Doug and Text Me Leads are the best. I have increased my engagement and connections using this as my call to action for all my speaking and audience engagement. Rockstar!

About me

Doug Walz

Marketing expert, Lead Gen professional, real estate investor, eZWay JV Partner

I work with Speakers, Authors and Influencers to help them capture more leads and follow up automatically.

We take a holistic business approach to your lead generation.  That’s to say it’s not just lead generation or any one thing that we do that’s going to help make you successful.  It’s understanding EVERYTHING that goes into building and growing a business.

So yes, we’ll help you capture more leads at each event than you’ve ever captured before.  Most importantly, we will make sure you have an automated system ready to follow up with them.

We work with your existing sales funnels and CRM systems.  Don’t have one?  No problem.  We build them as well.

I’ve been at this a long time and I know from first hand experience what it feels like to hit that dead end or fork in the road where you need that person to help make the next right move.

I’m that guy and my team at Text Me Leads is the group who has your back.

For over 35 years Doug Walz has been promoting small business and entrepreneurial development.

Growing up in a family business, Doug learned a great deal about working with and leading others. As well as the need for each person to find THEIR Passion to Pursue and why it’s important to “stay in your lane” when working with others.

From Restaurants, Outdoor Advertising, Construction, Property Management, County/ State Government and Mobile Marketing, Doug has proven himself to be a leader.

Doug lives in Sebring, Fl. with his wife Kaylene.

Text Me Leads has proven to be a powerful tool for Speakers, Podcasters, Broadcasters, Politicians, Realtors or anyone who has an audience. Text Me Leads can turn every smartphone in your audience, live or virtual, into a mobile Point-Of-Sale device.


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Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partner


Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partner


Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partner


Text Me Leads - eZWay JV Partner

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