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Debora J. Hollick

Executive Director/Owner

Debora J. Hollick, The Smash Through Mentor, is an International Speaker, 4x International #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Productivity Facilitator and Trainer.

 She helps businesses and professionals, smash confusion, solve chaos, and stop cussing,  to optimize personal and team performance and productivity. Her clients say, "It feels like receiving a warm energy hug, while also receiving a gentle kick in the pants!"

Debora will help you create a selfie of a different sort that will shift your thoughts and boost productivity. Together, you will: ✔ Increase employee retention, ✔ Encourage inspired action, and ✔ Build positive team dynamics.

In customized sessions, Debora will share her own research methodology that is proven and has been presented globally, on how thought = performance.

She is a dream builder and persistent sales wizard that has been there and done that. In three sessions, your organization will be changed forever.

Debora speaks in person and/or virtually to corporations, groups, and associations of all sizes. A few of the topics she speaks on are:

  • The W.O.W! (Wonder, Openness & Wisdom) Concept
  • A Selfie of a Different Sort
  • Listen To The Whispers Or...Get The 2x4!
  • Do You Have A Bully Living Within?

She is the author of LIVE LIFE IN W.O.W! Nuggets of Wonder, Openness & Wisdom anthology book, accompanying PLAYBOOK and is the founder of The W.O.W! Concept events, planned to launch during 2023.

Debora is also a contributing author to other books ~ Cinderella Monologues by Mila Johansen, bLU Talks Business, Life, Universe Vol 3, by Corey Poirier, and How Big Can You Dream by Viki Winterton. Check out her Author page on Amazon. Come back often to see more books to be added, soon!

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Debora is a great speaker and a cheerleader to the eZWay family.


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What's holding you back? Let's figure it out and SMASH through it together!

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Award Winning Productivity Facilitator

Debora will help you create a selfie of a different sort that will shift your thoughts and boost productivity. Together, you can: ✔ Increase employee retention, ✔ Encourage inspired action, and ✔ Build positive team dynamics.


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