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Dr. Dante Sears

Metaphysical Doctor, CEO of Wealth XO| World Cure | WPN | SEARS X| Sears LUXRE. | Chief Operations Officer eZWay Broadcasting

Dr. Danté Sears is a Ten-Times Certified Metaphysical Doctor and   Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of World Cure and the founder of World Prosperity Network, a charity that promotes world prosperity and wellness through conscious entertainment, real estate, education, literature, and business. Dantè is also the COO of eZWay Broadcasting (eZWay Network).

A dynamic self-starter, Danté became a millionaire at the tender age of age 24 by using personal development and wealth management techniques to sell residential real estate; reinvesting her profits into manufactured goods produced in struggling countries. Finding joy in stimulating struggling economies and helping others build wealth, she decided to focus her endeavors on creating and consulting businesses with individuals whose aim is to improve the world.

A multidimensional entrepreneur, Danté has also built several  successful businesses and brands in the fields of health and wellness, beauty, and real estate. She is owner, consultant, and developer of many successful and emerging brands (DanteBella Metaphysical Jewelry, eZWay Network, SEARS X, LUXRE, Prosperibly, MHC Collection, World Wealth Bank, Wealth XO, Billionaire X, to name a few).

Surprisingly, her talent extends far beyond the boardroom. Danté is a gifted Metaphysical Doctor and Doctor of Divinity, who specializes in Alternative Medicine and personal development; helping people live better, more prosperous lives. In 2014, she developed a three-step method for reversing (acute, terminal, genetic, and incurable) disease, called Dante's Intervention. Her average client reports reversal of symptoms and disease (cancer, heart disease, organ transplant) within 30-90 days.

As a talent, Danté has appeared in many national commercials, music videos, reality tv, and as a model on the product bottles of Big Sexy Hair for over 12 years. Her tv shows #OMGDante!, Kiss and Tell with Dr. Danté Sears, and Shift Happens airs on Roku, Apple, Amazon Prime TV, Women On TV, eZWay TV, WPN TV, Soul Central TV,  Dante TV, to name a few. She is also the co-host of EZ Talk Live (eZWay Network).



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Dr. Dante Sears

Dr. Dante Sears honored with a special sustainability community award for the work that she has done

Balance 1,358 / eZWay Cash


Business Consulting

We Specialize in Helping Entrepreneurs Develop their Mission, Brand, Message, and Marketing. From Business Administration to Business Marketing, We've Got Your Covered. *Assistance with Business Document Filings. * Helping You Pinpoint Marketing to Your Core Audience, Develop Ongoing Marketing and Advertising Campaigns. *Business Management and Business Scaling, including Market Share Consulting. Hone in On Your Core Target Audience and Close More Sales in Less Time. #WealthXO Business Consulting

Deluxe Website Design

Create the Brand and Experience that Draws in the Audience and Tribe Your Brand Deserves. Design from a psychological aspect that works with brain psychology, color theory, balance, harmony, and sales training to deliver Results.

Metaphysical Wellness Doctor

Natural Holistic Remedies for Abundant Health, Wellness and Happiness. Discover the root cause of any disease and disorder in your life. Unlock your power to Reverse incurable, genetic, incurable disease, dysfunction, and disorder(s) with the alignment of mind, body, and soul.


TV Producer
Real Estate Developer
Metaphysical Doctor

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