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About me

Stoney Coleman


Stoney is a proud Father and Air Force veteran who is in command of his life. He is the person you want to know but not want to be. He would be the person you would look at and knew he not only understands his superpower, but lives it and ready to help you. He has repeatedly conquered his kryptonite, has held the infinity stones and creating his world of balance, fairness, human–a world without the rabbits foot.

~ I learn from you, but I am the best teacher of my life~

Stoney, the Stigma Changer has the living experience of shame, guilt, defeat, embarrassment yet still able to keep moving because of his God-given talent of “AMBITION” and “WILL” and “DETERMINATION” to live the life he wants to live. He defines himself.

~I am not what you expect me to be, but expect me to be me~

Stoney helps professionals transform their lives dominating the fears, anxiety and/or self doubt unlocking their human superpower. He serves entrepreneurs, celebrities, veterans, investors, business owners, philanthropist, health and healthcare professionals An expert of behavior change he offers premium personal coaching services that specializes in personal growth, career, business, health and setting goals through:

– Workshops
– Webinars
– Live on Demand
– Conferences

He compares himself to no one, he has no competitors and no industry peers. He dedicates all of his personal and professional time creating his empire, leaving his legacy for himself, his family and helping others through his influence. He values boldness, authenticity and energy. His satisfaction is achieved when he is making a difference in your life.

Stoney will change the lives of 100 million people by 2025.

In January 2017, after proudly serving 14 years of active military service Stoney decided it was time to make his change. After numerous job applications in search of what he thought would be the perfect fit for his life, he discovered that was not his purpose. His purpose is to serve

He works with major corporations, investors, communities, wealth management firms, real estate companies, property management, hospitals, small businesses, minority & veteran-owned business, outpatient clinics, global health organizations, non-profits agencies, local, state and federal government organizations, health companies domestic and international.

If you want to learn more about him or his business, you can send him a message or schedule a time to chat that works best for you by copying and pasting the following web address:

“Stoney Connects Where You Are”

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