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About me

Benjamin Chatsoon

Coach, Collaborator and Content Creator for Self, and Others

I love working on vision driven teams finding the overlap in situations to create wins for everyone. I am always in the spirit of giving, and providing as much value as I can wherever it is welcomed.

I've done a little  a bit of everything. Having been a troubleshooting technician for the phone company from 1999-2011, to sales, digital marketing, coaching, designing leadership training curriculums for different organizations, business development. Currently I am working with Rock You Academy and Marketing on Fire, and expanding and overlapping into whatever team seems to be a good fit for what I can offer.

We are bringing some of the very best solutions to the market in order to make the online experience simple and streamlined for the non-techy person.

Let's get to know one another and see how we can help and support each other.



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