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American Comedy is a Mel Brooks style comedic film involving world leaders starring Eric Roberts and Dan Lauria. <h4>Alex Ayzin, Pete Allman, Spencer Cadigan here!</h4> <p class="">We are the creators of a super fun new comedy called American Comedy. Combined we have over 50 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry.</p> <p class="">Contributions from our amazing supporters have helped bring this hilarious show to the a time when we could all use a little comedy relief!</p> <p class="">PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW IS INTERESTED IN INVESTMENT OPPURTUNITIES THAT WILL HELP US MAKE MORE EPISODES!</p> <p class="">We could use all the help we can get marketing our project, to get the word out about our hilarious new comedy, The Donald Dines L.A. so tell everybody you know who could use a little comic relief during these not funny times!</p> <p class="sqsrte-small">Thanks for your support, Pete Allman, Spencer Cadigan, and Alex Ayzin</p> <p class="sqsrte-small">Creators of American Comedy</p>

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