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Brettney Perr

Founder of|Event Support Specialist|Empath Evolution Expert|[HE] Human Evolution Coach

Brettney Perr, is the founder of Obscuram, a published author, Event Specialist, Empath Evolution Expert,  and Human Evolution Coach who is also skilled in Emotional Support services and International Mentorships.
As a Public Speaker she has shared stages with Les Brown.
She is an autodidact (self taught) polymath (has a vast range of knowledge in a variety of fields) multitalented creative, and single mom of one kid with two ESAs.

With a diverse range of experience in a variety of industries*, Brettney has interacted with a wide range of people from A-List Celebrities to the homeless. All are equally regarded, with understanding and an non-judgmental stance on meeting them where they are at.
Brettney Perr has undertaken a process of growth, personal development, personal empowerment, exploration on her abilities, and healing. On this self discovered journey she gained valuable experiential learning with a deep level of insight and introspective that she now shares with others in creating a variety of programs.
These programs offer training on divergent thinking strategies, creating effective boundaries and establishing personal sovereignty to break the limitations of the past to create a brighter, healthier future.

*As a polymath her experience spans a variety of industries animal handling, entertainment industry, including the music industry, film and TV industry with acting and behind camera, live production, gaming and video games. Arts including painting, wood work, metal work, jewelry design, photography, graphic design, website design and more. She has also worked with startups advising on the very beginning steps of forming a business, pitches and monetization strategies along with budget friendly business development and workflow strategies.



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