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About me

Allan S. Gold

International Artist Manager and Writer-Producer

Allan S. Gold is a Writer-Producer and International Talent Manager at the LA310 Group: Entertainment and Technology — a Hollywood, California company with divisions Famous ManagementIncite ModelsAllan S. Gold Music (publishing). He is founder of the non-profit organization Ageless Movement, whose mission is to end ageism in the workplace, particularly in the entertainment industry.

Allan’s career spans two continents (UK and USA) and two complementary areas:

(i) As a powerhouse entrepreneur, he

  • co-owned The Singles Bar, a chain of five record stores
  • co-owned and operated Miller Street Market, a mini-mall renting to forty-two retail businesses
  • was President of Blue Zoo Productions, film production company
  • owned talent management company, clients worked with NBC / America’s Got Talent, ABC Television Group / FremantelMedia / American Idol, Paramount Studios / Star Trek, DreamWorks Pictures / John Powell, etc.
  • owned Way Cool Wax, a pioneering e-commerce record and music memorabilia store
  • Retailer and designer of an apparel and prints chain of online stores–LA-tees, Lousy Tshirt, Malibu Tees, Top Tees, Old School Arts, Love Life Shops, Funky Zen, Turn Left, T Shirt Ghetto, T-shirt Wall, Totally Better T-shirts
  • owned and hosted Internet music radio stations and podcasts, Big City Soul, Funk Power Soul, Go Surf Radio
  • owned, edited, wrote for Hollywood news and celebrity gossip blog–DigiBurger
  • owned and developed retail discount coupons website–Cheapskate Coupons–working with major corporations, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Vans, etc.
  • affiliate marketer of major retailers, such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Sketchers, etc.
  • promoted record labels (Excalibur, Red Bus Records) to terrestrial radio stations

(ii) As a visionary creative artist, he

  • creates original textual content for manifold websites and blogs; graphic designer for apparel, goods, commercial websites
  • writes prose and award-winning poetry. Is featured in books and magazines, earning him mention in Cambridge’s Who’s Who Of Writers
  • wrote his first self-produced screenplay, “Making A Killing”, which garnered industry-projected $100M status and cooperation from the then #1 talent agency (International Creative Management) who offered the then #1 actor (Julia Roberts) for lead, the then #1 foreign distributor (Initial Entertainment Group) who agreed presales budget of $42M, Ford Motor Company (via Premier Automotive Group) talked product placement of Aston Martin cars in $30M marketing and advertising of film plus $1M premiere
  • was chief DJ and office manager Nite Flite, the then UK’s #1 independent terrestrial radio station’s (Radio Clyde) live disco roadshow
  • was a popular discotheque/nightclub (Pleasurama plc, Grand Metropolitan plc, etc.) personality DJ playing to full houses; commended as “UK’s best disco DJ” by Island Records; and featured in Network publication–the who’s-who of disco and radio personalities
  • was honored to be guest emcee at International Elvis Presley Convention.


Additionally, he has held positions as a newspaper’s webmaster; Scotch whisky distillery industrial chemist; residential property manager; federal law enforcement consultant; celebrity bodyguard; barista; salesman; taxi driver; restaurant manager and server; nightclub doorman and promoter.


Commercial voice-over, website building, acting coach, public speaking.


Music, urban wildlife welfare, social and environmental issues, holistic health, technology.

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Allan S. Gold


Allan S. Gold


Allan S. Gold


Allan S. Gold

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