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Amy Thomson

Spiritual Intuitive, Business Strategist, Project Guru & Healing Artist

Background in Project Management, Training & Development, Mind & Consciousness, ADHD, Trauma & Mental Health, Business, Metaphysics, Writing and Art & Design.

♦ Creator of Affirming Arts™, The Finisher's Club™, Where Dreams Connect™, 30 Days To Happiness, Creative Blueprinting Fulfillment Workshops™ and Other Signature Products & Programs

♥ Top 40 Under 40 Business Award Winner

♣ Certified Life Coach

♠ Multi-International Best-Selling Author

♦ eCommerce Store Owner

♥ Teacher

♣ Mom ☺♥

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Amy Thomson's Store:

YouTube Channels:
1. Amy Thomson

2. Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Facebook Groups & Pages:
1. Where Dreams Connect (Group)

2. The Finisher's Club (Page)

3. Affirming Arts™ (Page)

4. The Teresa and Amy Show (Group)

FIND SOME OF MY COURSES & EVENTS ON IAUSM (and some other amazing ones too):

REGISTER FOR OUR NEXT 'CREATIVE COLLABORATION SUMMIT' (website) (direct registration link)

My Calendar Link (For a Free 15 minute discovery session, or paid readings or business sessions):



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A Brief Introduction to Amy Thomson (The Free Flow Creative)

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